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Better Sex - Better Life

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  • 25April

    What is the best way for a woman to introduce a sex toy to a guy? And what if you're both anxious about it?

    Posted by Kate McCombs, MPH3 comment(s)

    It's be natural to feel a bit apprehensive before you try something new in your sex life. We can feel nervous when trying new things in general, and things that are sex-related can feel even more high-stakes. But once you can address that anxiety, and move past it, you can nurture lots of fun, new types of pleasure.

    Here's an article I wrote recently that addresses this issue in greater depth. I think it'll answer many of your questions. Feel free to reply if you have more questions about introducing your partner to sex toys.

  • 13June

    What is your favorite sex toy(s)?

    Posted by Chaney5553 comment(s)

    I recently got my first sex toy. I got a bullet. I was very reluctant to getting anything so I started off with something simple. However, it gets me off so fast! I like to lay in bed with my husband, watching porn, and playing with my pussy. We are interested in getting other things. Anyone have a favorite or something to recommend?